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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Deep End of the Ocean

You know how it is..
Get an idea in your head and Make a Start only to quickly become disillusioned as you just can't translate it to the canvas.

Happens to me all the time.

But am particularly disappointed this time as I so ... SO ... wanted this to work.
But, hey-ho, have taken the huge ... MASSIVE ... step of hanging it on the wall anyway - but how long it will stay there remains to be seen.

I had, kinda, sorted wanted to portray the depth of the ocean but it just wasn't working.  

Sent a photo' to dearest nephew, Alfie who immediately saw something I hadn't even thought of ... turn it upside down to show distance, rather than depth!  Duh!  

I say, Duh! but I did keep turning it back the way I wanted for ages.

Worked on it some more.

Tweaked it. Pulled parts of it off and started again.

But finally decided Alfie was right and the ocean going off into the distance was how it was meant to be.

This has been hanging around for weeks now but I decided it was never going to turn out as I  hoped so figured it was time to call it a day.

SO ... PLEASE ...
Take me to the ocean for it's where I long to be.

Stuff used :
Art Basics 
Modelling Paste
Soft Gloss Gel - transparent
Heavy white gesso

Art Extravagence
Art Stones
Mini Art Stones
Texture Paste - Crackle Paste - clear
Sculpture Medium - clear

Distress Spray Stain
Broken China * Stormy Sky * Faded Jeans 
Chipped Sapphire * Evergreen Bough

Perfect Pearls Mists
Blue Smoke

Art Ingredients Mica Powders
Teal * Bottle Green * Deep Water * Frozen Lake
Purple * Lilac Opal Magic * Green Opal Magic

Art Ingredients Glass Glitter
Midnight Blue

Friday, 15 July 2016

Heartfelt Thanks

Wanted to thank a few people so had a bit of a marathon wooden heart making session.
Loved every moment.
Because this is what I just love to do!
Give me a heap of bits & bobs, a sheet of MDF and a whole load of inks and mica powders and I am one very happy bunny.

Next stage spritzing & squirting!

Then they are mica'd & a touch of glitter.
Am not a glitter person.
But sometimes needs must.
And this time just a little was needed.

Apart from the rusty one.
That will never need glitter.
Thank goodness.

Promised a few friends details of what colours I used so here goes:
I had a sort of plan.

There was one large heart.
8 medium sizes ones.
And 9 little dinky ones.

I wanted them the same, but different.
Like that makes sense.
SOooooo ...  the medium ones were made up of colours taken from those used on the large heart.
Well, it made sense at the time.
And kinda worked.

Colours used on the large heart were:
Distress Spray Stain
Chipped Sapphire * Bundled Sage * Faded Jeans * Stormy Sky
Dusty Concord * Fossilized Amber * Evergreen Bough
Peacock Feathers * Broken China

Prima Colour Bloom Spray
Pressed Petal * Berry Wise * Mustard Yellow

Prima Art Ingredients Mica Powder
Sunny Yellow * Bottle Green * Teal * Frozen Lake
Purple * Deep Water 
Green Opal Magic * Lilac Opal Magic

You are going to ask which of those I used on the large heart, aren't you?
Er, ALL of them ... yeah, really!!!!!

So, on the other hearts I picked out some of the colours so they all sort of came together as a collection.

Colours on this one were:
Bundled Sage * Faded Jeans * Stormy Sky * Peacock Feathers
Chipped Sapphire * Broken China
whichever mica powders matched.

Colours on this one were:
Fossilized Amber * Mustard Yellow *Chipped Sapphire 
Evergreen Bough * Stormy Sky * Faded Jeans * Bundled Sage
And again whichever mica powders matched.

Colours on this one were:
Bundled Sage * Chipped Sapphire * Peacock Feathers 
Dusty Concord * Pressed Petal * Broken China
Also matching mica powders.

Oh the mica powders are diluted in water by the way.
Or gin.
I often use gin as it evaporates faster than water.

That is an old photo' but evidence of my use of the gin!

Had never done ones this small before but shall certainly do more.

Colours here are:
Fossilized Amber * Mustard Yellow * Chipped Sapphire
Broken China * Bundled Sage
And yes, micas to match.

Figured the blokes would not appreciate flowers so got the rust vibe going:

Only colours used here were mica powders:
Rust * Copper * Bottle Green * Teal
and Rust Paste from Prima.
Tons of it.

I used Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel through the stencils.

Think that covers everything.
Do please ask if you want any further info - am always happy to try and help!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Don't these Wednesday's roll around so fast?!?!?!
Am sure they appear more than once a week!

Just a very quick post today (Julia will be SO proud of me!!!) as I have a crazy, stupid amount of stuff to do and there are just not enough hours in the day.

My workdesk today ... practically untouched since last week I'm sorry to say.

We headed off to Crowborough last Thursday so I could attend the two ClarityStamp open days and they were so brilliantly exhausting that I have had no energy to do much of anything since getting home. 

It is absolutely wonderful to see that our dear, dear Head Desker, the truly delightful Julia over at The Stamping Ground has blogged this week - so very soon after her surgery and that the equally delightful Jan at LLJ's Fabric Frenzy is at the helm again this week.
Goes without saying, Julia & Jan, that I have you both very much in my thoughts.

So, as promised, short and sweet.

Happy WOYWW'ing fellow bloggers!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A little rust is a must ... but heaps is a whole lot better!!!!!

Finally had time to just play ... to sit and create something just for me!
Well, of course, all my crafting is just for me because 'tis what I love to do but this time this was not a project needed for a specific purpose ... and, oh did I enjoy doing this one.

And ... you'd better sit down for this
and get yourself a stiff drink
for once
I am actually quite pleased with how this turned out
in fact
it is not even destined to the Box of Failures
but it is going to be

Whilst at a family BBQ at Alfie's I came across a pair of rusty old scissors that he had just dug out of his veggie patch ... 

Set his old aunt's creative juices flowing I can tell you
Kinda, sorta had a vision in my head straight away of what I wanted to do with them

After a false start where it was not coming together quite as hoped 
but I Carried on Regardless
but knew I was not happy with it
I had all the bits stuck in place and was leaving overnight to dry completely and was merrily bobbling away during the evening when I suddenly announced
"It's no good"!
And dashed off to rip off as many of the pieces as I could

Tore the canvas in a few places but nothing that could not be disguised
and I left it all in a heap ready to tackle afresh the next day

Tackle afresh I did
and was back to more of what I envisioned

Thought I had it finished last night
but was not happy with it this morning
so tweaked
and now it IS finished

I think ...

Linen stretched canvas 
Randomly torn corrugated cardboard
Modelling paste mixed with the smallest art stones and spread through one of my barbed wire stencils
Black heavy gesso
Everything stuck in place with 3D Gloss Gel and the heavier pieces with Heavy Body Gel
Layers and layers and layers of mica sprays :
Teal * Bottle Green * Rust * Copper
Then layers and layers and layers of Rust Paste
Rust mica powder mixed with Soft Gloss Gel and dry-brushed over the barbed wire to bring out the detail

Photo's are rubbish - not bringing out the true colours or mica-shimmer
but I promise they are there.


Starting off with the great news that our much, much loved Head Desker, Julia, has come through her very long surgery yesterday and is now in the HDU - hopefully we will have an update on how she is doing before too long.  We are all thinking of you, dear friend, and wishing you the most speedy of recoveries.

So what is on my desk today?

Working on some ATC's but was cross to come to my desk this morning to find the top layer of card - which had been stencilled with texture paste and had crackle glaze applied - had lifted and started to peel off.

Was I surprised?
When asking dearest hubby to cut me some mountboard into ATC sized pieces he found some of the sort that has the self-adhesive coating on one side (used for mounting prints for framing) - onto this I stuck some plain white card which I had put through the Xyron.
I did say to him that I doubted the two surfaces would adhere and that they would peel but, of course, he thought otherwise.
Did just have a "told you so" moment when I pointed it out to him I have to admit.

So the Cosmic Shimmer glue is my last ditch effort to save the situation but even that was struggling to bond ...hence the upside down tin (which is full of metal cogs) pressing down onto a small canvas board under which are two, hopefully, no longer peeling cards!!!!  
If it works I shall attack the rest.
If not I shall have to scrap them and start again.

On the left are two projects I finished yesterday ... will blog these separately as our goal on WOYWW days is to keep our posts short and sweet and we can't go upsetting our Julia whilst she is in recovery mode following her op.,  

Huge thanks to Jan ... LLJ ... Lunch Lady Jan's Fabric Frenzy ... for holding fort and keeping us deskers WOYWW'ing ... you are a *S*T*A*R* and loved every bit as much as Julia.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Any excuse to play

Here it is ... bus number three!

Wanted to give everyone who attended my workshops a little thank you and a piece to offer further inspiration so, needing no excuse to play, I made everyone one of these (around 65!)

Because Sazz, Kimmie & Margaret did two workshops I made them a different one second time around.

They took ages to make but TOTALLY represent the crafting I love to do most of all.

Oh and the raffle prizes!  
I demo'd using white gesso but wanted to show what could be done with black so made three wooden hearts to offer as raffle prizes at each of the three groups.

These were them:

Tales of a demonstrating virgin

That refers to someone who has never demo'd a workshop before and not a nubile young maiden waiting for love to find her as she holds aloft a plaquard emblazoned with whichever cause she is fighting.

Oh, the visions I now have in my head!

Anyway, the title refers to me ... 
little old Debbie
 Great-Aunt Grubby-Bee 
... who was invited to teach her version of Finnabair's wonderful mixed media pieces at three of Claritystamp's regular workshops hosted by the amazing Sally-Ann Moore (aided and abetted by the equally amazing Kim Shaw) and Maria Simms.

After much hesitation, dithering and contemplation and a huge amount of encouragement by Margaret Craner (Silvercrafter) I decided to bite the bullet and go for it ... worse that could happen would be I totally stuff up and make a fool of myself.

I am given to totally stuffing up and making a fool of myself so what did I have to lose?
Apart from public humiliation.
And pelting with rotten tomatoes.
And scurrying back into the comforts of my craft room never to be seen again.

So after tweaking a sample design to make it cost effective for the workshop and something that would not take too long to dry I got them OK'd by Sally-Ann & Maria and got all the kits put together.

Totally underestimated what a task that would be but will admit to enjoying it ... gave the OCD in me chance to come into play!

Although Sally-Ann was the first to ask me to demo, the dates worked out that I headed to Maria in Shrewsbury first.

I go as often as I can to Maria's workshops and travel with the aforementioned Margaret so off we went in April ... me quaking in my boots and not knowing what to expect.

All I had to do was sit there and do what I do with my eyes closed at home ... how hard can that be?
Er, how hard can it be to THINK about what you do with your eyes closed at home and explain it at the same time to a lot of ladies for whom this was a totally new experience?

Made a few mistakes, I have to admit but also have to admit I have not made those mistakes a second time !!!

Encountered a little negativity at that first demo which threw me totally off kilter - kinda, sorta held it together on the day but lost it completely once home and had serious doubts about myself but then along came a tidal wave of support and before I knew it the second demo, this time for Sally-Ann in Nottingham was upon us.  Again travelling with Margaret and to my regular group so demo'ing to faces I knew well - that actually made me more nervous than to ladies I knew less well as I didn't want to let any of them down.
Was blown away by two of the Peterborough group travelling to do my workshop in Nottingham!

My final demo was yesterday, again for Sally-Ann and this time in Peterborough and as Margaret does not attend that group it fell to hubby-dearest to take me on a roadtrip.  Oh and to a completely new group to me - never having met any of them before. 

Need not have worried.

The welcome, kindness, hugs, love and support totally blew me away. 
One lady even came all the way from Manchester - travelling over three hours to attend ... still can't get my head around that and have even messaged her asking if she was an apparition and I had been dreaming!

Am rambling.
But this is my blog so I can ramble all I like.
And I need to record all this so I never forget my first time demo'ing.
Can never forget the belief my friends had in me.
Can never forget the new friendships forged and just the overwhelming feeling of hoping to inspire even one person to have another go ... even managed to convert a couple of "I don't do messy" & "I don't do mixed media" ladies to my corner of the craft room and so many have, indeed, gone away to have another go!  

I count that as success and that is a word I never, ever apply to anything I do.
But today I am.
Those that know me well know how hard it is for me to say that.

These are my samples and the piece I did on the day for the three groups.



The one I demo'd on the day
Was never happy with it so mounted it on a larger canvas once home
Still not happy with it so might try and prise off the bottom right corner composition and move it in a bit
Or I might leave it as it is and consign it to my ever expanding Box of Failures



The one I demo'd on the day
Will redo the sentiment at some point
Would prefer it to be narrower and longer
Too much space underneath it


Sample (same as Nottingham)

The one I demo'd on the day
This one ain't too bad!

Did I make mistakes?
Sure did!
Did I cope?
Did I shake so much my stencils wobbled?
Oh yes!
Did I enjoy my experiences?
Did I heck!  'Twas amazeballs!!!!

So that's it then
Debbie the Demonstrating Virgin standing down
Watch This Space
because you never know!!!!!

Claritystamp Challenge #39 : Anything Goes

Well, as soon as I saw the theme for this month's challenge at Claritystamp my little creative cells went Psssst to me and I had a vision of what I wanted to do.  

Started off with a plank of wood ...

Gesso'd it ... stencilled it ... crackled it ... 
I used Clarity's CLOCKWORK stencil - one of my all time favourites
And the stamp has always been a favourite verse of mine and I am happy to have any excuse to use it again - again, it is available from Claritystamp

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WOYWW 364 : The Anniversary Edition

Rolling back the years ...

Should we even think about rolling them back or just go with the flow, pottering along our little journey's through life, changing and adapting as we go ...

Birthdays and anniversaries do this to me ... reflecting of the past and how quickly time is passing - well, that passing of time has brought me here - celebrating the 7th Anniversary of our What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday's blog posts ... the brainchild of our wonderful and very much loved host, Julia who came up with the idea in what must have been 2009 (had to Do Maths there so I could well be wrong!)  I only joined up for the ride in February 2011 after many aborted attempts at getting my dear little blog up and running and I remain eternally grateful to my dear friend, Margaret Craner (Silvercrafter) for her patience and advice and support in helping me battle through the technical stuff ... still no idea what I am doing much of the time but know enough to be part of blogland!

So, what IS on my workdesk today?  
Easier to say what is NOT on my desk as it is utter and complete chaos ... well, ok, it looks that way only because I prefer neat and tidy but that is never going to happen when I am crafting so I just go with the flow ...

seems I do a lot of that - suits me just fine

This was taken yesterday as I was taking a few minutes in my recliner chair  ... I looked up and was torn between Shock Horror at the mess and Ooooh Creativity - safe in the knowledge that by bedtime it would all be cleared away and my desk would  be clear to start all over again - except I hadn't cut enough trees so that plan went out of the window.
However, that desk WILL be clear before breakfast this morning as I left the trees glittered and drying last night all ready for a few minutes of assembly this morning.  

Well, it almost sounds like a plan!

The two boxes with the blue handles contain 150 Christmas cards all made and ready for storing away until the jolly festive season and on my desk are the ones for family and close friends which will join them in the boxes and then, come Christmas I will not be the mad, frenzied Christmas Crafter that I normally am.

Well, it almost sounds like another plan!

We are all linking up over at LLJ's as Jan holds the fort whilst Julia is off on her pre-surgery holibobs - can't wait for her op., to be well and truly behind her and to see her fighting fit once more.  

Am off to link up now and to see to whom I will be sending my ATC ... I have a few names on my list of swappers so have ATC's allocated for them and if anyone else would like one then I also have a few spare so just leave me a message in the comments box-thingy and I will get back to you!

SO time left to simply say